Hardware & Software Purchasing

When you invest in new hardware or software, make sure you're getting the best.

Technical Consulting

For both large corporations and small businesses, it’s crucial to make major technology-purchasing decisions successfully. Our expertise empowers you to get the most value out of your investment.

No Commissions

Unlike salespeople, CIDTEK does not have inventory to clear or commissions to earn. We work for you in making sure you get what you need at the best price.

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Teaching & Tutoring

Technology tutoring for groups and individuals.

Group Instruction

Whether your team is upgrading to new technology or just wants to improve proficiency, an effective group training session can give you years of benefits.

Residential Tutoring

CIDTEK provides in-home tutoring services in the comfort of your own home. Learn at your own pace with the help of our friendly technicians.

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Custom Documentation

Custom printed guides for companies and individuals.


We offer custom reference guides for any technology services we provide. These guides are ideal for training employees and reducing the cost of IT support over time.


Our guides are written in clear English with no technical jargon, and so can be very useful for home reference as well as business applications. High-quality digital PDF guides and print booklets are available.

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Bill Negotiation

We'll speak to companies on your behalf to save you time and money.


We offer bill negotiation for many different technology services. Internet, cell phone, cable or satellite television, home security systems, home automation, premium radio subscriptions, and more.

No Upfront Charge

You’ll never be charged for our negotiation service if we can’t save you money. If we get you a better deal, we only take a portion of the savings.

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