Low Voltage Installation

We provide expert full-service installation of low voltage lines.

Ethernet & Audio Wiring

Reduce clutter and improve connectivity by wiring your home with ethernet cables. We install networking cabling (Cat5-8 & fibre optic) as well as audio and video cabling.


Reduce you WiFi usage by having wired networking available in all rooms. Install a centralized audio & PA system. Surge-proof safety outlets in your office.

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Security & Surveillance

A full suite of security services for homes and businesses.

Security Systems

Whether you opt for a high-tech smart security system, a closed circuit analog setup, or a low cost “dummy” setup which provides the appearance of security at a fraction of the cost; we do it all.


Don’t risk having your security system being vulnerable to back-door interference. We battle test all of our work to make sure it’s the most secure and the easiest to use.

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VoIP & Telephone

An important backbone for any business is a solid phone system loaded with features.


Our VoIP systems provide excellent call quality and plenty of extra features. Call-queuing, digital assistant configuration, and voice mail all come standard.


VoIP technology is far more cost-effective than a traditional phone system. Cut call expenses by up to 40% for local calls and 90% for international by switching to a virtual phone number.

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Smart Home & Business

Automate almost any task around your home or business without compromising security.

Smart Automation

Control lighting, heating, cooling, and more in your home or business at the touch of a button. Our staff can help you make well-informed decisions when choosing smart automation products.

Entertainment Systems

Full home audio/video distribution is no longer an unattainable luxury. We design exceptional home media systems that drastically improve your entertainment experience.

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